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Name Pays!

Shakespeare erred in saying “What’s in a name?”


Look at the world around you. Names create a massive impact on businesses. Once a brand is established, things get sold just on its name. 


The fact is Name Pays! Especially a business name.


You can’t have a business without a business name!

The name of the business builds and reflects its public image. It differentiating you from your competitors.


It lays a tremendous impact on how your customers look at you.


Therefore, naming your business is one of the most important decisions you make. Does it describe your business correctly, or it confuses your customers? 


Once you decide on a name, you MUST check whether a domain name is available for it. If not, that means someone else owns that name.


And you must also strive to get a dot (.) com domain name, which gives the best value for your business domain name.


This is only a small bit of information on naming a business. There are many more things to consider before you finalise your business name.


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